Festival, Showcase, and Convention listings for burlesquers, producers, fans, and our like-minded organizations. Submission to the list is FREE!!!! We will also gladly accept donations to keep the site live and functioning. By submitting your festival to BurlesqueFests.com you will be listed on our downloadable spreadsheet and potential for web banner swap with BurlyCon.

By submitting your festival to this list you are providing a critical online resource for thousands of burlesque performers worldwide. Festival listing is free!

This site is maintained by performers from around the world. Our goal is to have one document that all performers can refer to, to find the following information about festivals and events that are primarily based in the burlesque performance genre:

  • view upcoming application deadlines
  • find out what the application fees are, if any
  • find out where the festival and workshops are located
  • find out if the festivals includes a competition or any compensation
  • have a direct link to the application itself
  • have a direct link to the event website itself
  • have a direct link to purchase event tickets or registrations
  • track large burlesque related festivals and events, in chronological order, to be able to plan your travel or your own shows and events

Burlesque Hall of Fame WeekenderThis is a live document, that is constantly changing and updating, so please feel free to check it regularly.

If you have any festival additions please click on the SUBMISSION FORM using the link above. Please know that this is a thoughtfully curated list of events that are primarily burlesque related. If you submit an event that does not have a burlesque focus that is relevant to the international community, it may not be included.

If you have any updates or suggestions for this document please feel free to send us a note.

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BurlyCon’s mission: BurlyCon is a community-oriented professional growth and educational organization for burlesque performers, fans, and aficionados. We conduct educational events to preserve, promote, and advance burlesque as a theatrical art form. We offer classes, workshops, panels, and other educational offerings that further professional skill and development. We are committed to supporting personal transformation through creative artistic expression in the burlesque arts.

BurlesqueFests.com strives to serve this mission through promoting burlesque as a theatrical form and making it easier for fans to find and attend the festivals.

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We are curating specifically for festival, convention, or showcase listings, rather than for show listings. For the purposes of this website, we are defining a festival using the below criteria. If you are producing a festival that fits a different set of criteria, please feel free to contact us:

  • performers must submit applications or is a curated showcase
  • occurs only 1-2 times per year
  • is a 1 to multi-day event
  • has a competition element or showcase
  • performers from outside the local area invited to perform
  • a festival or showcase is not a local show, an annual production with a set cast, or a show with 1-2 out of state headliners.
  • a convention is not a local school or an annual education event taught by set instructors.